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We at PHARMA WORLD Ecza Deposu are a Turkey Ministry of Health licensed wholesale distributor and exporter of Generic Pharmaceuticals, Importing and exporting all kinds of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, surgical materials, serums, hormone vaccines, baby nutrition and care products, and hygienic products for clients which include: International Distributors, Government Health Ministries, Hospitals, Pharmacies. We are an independent international pharmaceutical wholesaler. That is registered and regulated by the Ministry of Health (TURKEY). We deal with parallel trade and export our products worldwide.
We are in the initiative to provide products through communication with suppliers or producer companies for DRUG, MEDICAL, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, OTC and DERMOCOCCETIC in the direction of requests from all Middle Eastern countries, especially IRAQ. We meet 85% of the requests that come with our 28-member team. Also with our registered three trademarks, we made outside to produce Multivitamins, Cosmetics and Dermocosmetic as phason. We stopped the process of making outside to produce phason for our company with Pharma Roya Drug Inc. The time we started producing our products we export them to the suppliers or to our firm and deliver them directly to the companies that we sell. Roya Group, which is strengthened with Roya Pharmaceutical Warehouse, aims to continue its growth in the future with solid steps. For this reason “ HEALTH IS FUTURE” and this will be possible with us.
We as Novagent manufacture and supply laboratory projects, veterinary products, veterinary hospital, pet product, Orthopedic and trauma implants. the following products can be quoted; Fume cupboards, safety cabinets, laboratory furnitures, laboratory equipments, acid cabinets, base cabinets, chemical storage cabinets, hazardous substance cabinets, tall cupboards, top-mounted cupboards, wall mounted cupboards, worktops, service walls, service columns, workbenches, chairs, sinks, draining racks, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, eye showers, extraction arms, laboratory layout, fume cupboard, Glove Boxes, Laminair cabinets, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Gloves, Trespa, filter,fume hood, hood, safety cabinet, chemical cabinet, desicator cabinet,, Bone plate, Veterinery, Titanium implant, Bone screw, animal orthopedic implant, veterinary furniture, cleanroom, veterinary implant, vet product,
As Adalan Company pharmaceutical warehouse, our exports continue increasing our volume and our experience based on years of experience all over the world, the supply of pharmacy products, especially Middle Eastern countries and Russia. Our mission: Adalan the pharmaceutical , go has its purpose social responsibility policy of protecting the environment and people that contribute to take measures for their health problems to solve in an easy way, the personal qualifications of all staff employed by him, labor, knowledge, to improve the experience and development. Our vision: Adalan pharmaceutical warehouse has set itself the objective of always looking forward to turning the power it took to serve the consciousness, expands the existing success. Our motto is: – Human Health, Natural Health…
Our company was found in 2001 in Ankara-Turkey and has been specialized in histopathology. Under our brand name MOSLAB, we have been manufacturing laboratory supplies for microbiology, biochemistry and infection. We are servicing our products in conjunction with international standarts and have been a constant supplier for most of the hospitals, laboratories and Ministry of Health in Turkey and exporting our products to several countries. MEDIKAL OLUSUM SANAYI VE TIC. LTD. STI. has proved his quality approach by deserving to take ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. As MOSLAB, our efforts and studies are always for advancing in our sector, reaching much better quality standarts and expanding our product range continuously to have the ability to provide every need in histopathology. Since we believe in our quality, our target is to see our products and our brand MOSLAB widely used in laboratories and in hospitals worldwide.
Thanks to its specialized supply unit, PHARMABIZZ meets the needs of its customers quickly with the most competitive prices. PHARMABIZZ provides the service of high customer satisfaction in 5 continen
EKINOKS ECZA DEPOSU SAN. ve TIC. A.S. is one of the Turkey's leading specialist worldwide pharmaceutical and medical suppliers. Ekinoks Pharmaceutical Warehouse established and registered in 2008. Our company source and distribute pharmaceuticals, medical equipments and consumables supplies to healthcare professionals in over 40 countries. Also Ekinoks Pharmaceutical Warehouse applies to tenders. Our main divisions encompass everything from international sales, sales to NGO’s and charities, clinical trials supply, managed Access programs and imported unlicensed medicines to sexual health supplies, and the storage and distribution of medical products and devices for third parties. We are able to supply everthing from a single cold chain item to large scale humanitarian projects. In short, we are your complete medical resource. Ekinoks has grown rapidly since 2008 and our multi-lingual workforce includes pharmacists, medical biologists, as well as commercial, warehouse and logistics staff.
Abay Pharma is a licenced pharmaceutical Whole­saler company based in capital city of Ankara/Turkey in 2007. Abay Pharma is leading tender wholesaler Company in Turkey. Abay pharma Trade Pharmaceuticals was created to serve Medical sector with the priniciples of honest and level pharmaceutical whole­saler, stocks management. Abay Pharma's team including 35 employees with the 25 years experience and expert staff has the vision to be local, regional and international supplier. And it continues to serve medical sector with­out sacrificing quality, prioritising precious customers' satisfaction in the competetiveness rules framework. In 2011 a second company has established, headquartered in Duhok and Erbil in Iraq and in 2012 another company in Bulgaria and part­nership in Libia. Abay Pharma provides worldwide product sourcing from only reputable companies, supply only branded medicines, ge­nerics and medical supplies. Abay Pharma deals with more than 35 countries from Middle East to Europe, from North America to Japan. Our mission is to offer the most competetive price with the highest quality and optimum delivery on time. With the experienced team our specialities include import/export and goverment, non goverment tenders in Turkey and in other countries. Abay Pharma is a global trading company in Pharmaceutical, Medi­cal and Cosmetics Business launced by experienced group of profes­sionals and most experienced well known Family members in Pharma and FMCG sector in Turkey since 1985.
IDM as Drug warehouse Distribution Center, our priority is to protect human health and improve the quality of life. IDM with international agreements and with the approval of the companies that has made extensive distribution through its network in order to deliver high quality and reliable service, we have commenced our activities. European Union health groups and institutions around the world to bring products to the service standards we have established contact with health; we have made special agreements with global pharmaceutical companies. IDM direct references to patient/patient in order to facilitate access to drugs the drugs are in possession of the most demanded stock. Most importantly, the pharmacy,in collaboration with the patient/patient's family in the province of the district, in the resort by going to the pharmacy in the neighborhood you want, faster and more reliable service and to download the meeting of the medication with the patient as soon as possible, we have developed solutions for. We have the benefit of the public by creating competition. While doing this, the patient, the pharmacist, hospital administration, and it gives us great happiness to satisfaction and thanks from the public. Because we have your medicine, your health and hope that we are working on. The most important advantage that makes a difference in the century we live in our service, our motivated and qualified specialist staff getting stronger with each passing day, advancing by the institutional structure. Expertise as a team we believe in focus, we consider to be the best at what we do, we carry out plans and projects. Responsibility in our corporate structure and the importance of fairness always comes to the front. An institution of the foundation of "human", we believe that the people who make up the institution of sustainability and quality are key. This is a solid foundation based on unshakable principles, moral ties are strong, our understanding of good corporate governance, we are always aware that it will add a power that can sustain us. With love and regards, Ecz. Burhan ISEN Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Our 25 years of pharmaceutical experience, Tepe Pharmaceutical Warehouse has started operations in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. Turkey has a license to carry on the activities of the Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical warehouse controlled by ministry officials at regular intervals. With a wide range of product range and our company has the business volume in the four corners of the world, Turkey "s has established itself a right in the market with competitive prices. Dynamic and young having the structure of the goals of our company, both domestic and overseas customers, world class and provide high quality services, operating principles that we apply and the end of the sale conditions the pharmaceutical industry and to increase you the profitability of our Dear Pharmacist, the most important people. Our company, which adopts the principle of service to human health is growing with each passing day with the support of our valued customers. Mission to be fair and the whole environment of our honest and communicate directly • be clear, respect for all individuals, and to trust • Customer needs to analyze correctly and to provide them with optimal solutions in the shortest possible time • Global world to follow developments in the sector, ourselves constantly renew • Our suppliers and committed to the chain between our customers and become a powerful ring • Customer satisfaction is our • constantly keep the maximum level as in continuous development, to act fast and flexible • Our products and services as well as our constantly about "Quality Awareness" to move.